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Los Angeles Dominatrix


I welcome all of you BDSM, Subbies, Slaves and Fetishists into my world of exciting and enticing play experiences.  

Whether it is accepting my torturing punishment and humiliation or worshiping and groveling at my beautiful feet, you WILL SUBMIT to my most twisted desires and obey without question my every whim. After all, that is what you really WANT and NEED. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here....

If You Seek Mina...

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 7.59.52 PM.png

I encourage you to give some deep thought of what you might like to experience in your time with me.  Also, if you are brand new or unsure of what might work for you, my interests page will guide you towards some desires you might have.  The booking section states what information I need from you.  So if you follow that at the first point of booking then we will be able to meet in the flesh soon!  

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